When choosing sizes, we recommend that you follow the size chart that is indicated for each product. We try to make the data in the table as accurate as possible, but since we measure our products in an unstretched state, there may be slight variations in dimensions. Tolerances apply to all dimensions.

You can find the size chart below the size selection for each product. When you click the size chart label, you'll see the table.
You can find the full product description directly next to each product on our e-shop. The description is located on the right side, right next to the image.


There you will find information about composition, sizes as well as information about volume and so on.
We are sorry, unfortunately, we do not create orders by phone calls, as it is necessary to confirm an order and all personal data in the last step of ordering. This way, we try to avoid possible misunderstandings.
If you are unable to proceed with your order, it is possible that one of the products has sold out in the meantime. Therefore, we recommend that you check the contents of your shopping cart. After removing an unavailable product, the subsequent steps of the ordering process should already be loaded.
In the event that the required products are available in our online store and you are unable to add them to your cart, or you are unable to place an order, the internet browser or device used may also be a problem. Therefore, we recommend that you try to open our site through another device or a different browser (Google Chrome, for example, usually responds well).
After creating the order, you will receive a confirmation email about the order. A confirmation email may be found in the SPAM or ADS folders in your email inbox, so we recommend that you check these folders as well. The condition for a properly completed order is correctly entered e-mail address in your order. If you enter the wrong email when filling in the email address in your order, the confirmation email will not be delivered to you.
After dispatching the order from our warehouse, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address that you have included in the order stating that your order has been picked up from our warehouse by a courier.
At this time, it is not possible to pick up the goods in person. Of course, we are working on this option and in the future you will be able to pick up the goods directly in our brick-and-mortar store.
Put the goods in the cart and type your code in the "Discount Code" box. The discount will be automatically applied to you.
You can find the size that the model is wearing in the product description, which is located right next to the product image above the size selection.
You can find information about the storage of goods on our e-shop, when choosing the size of a given product. If you can put goods with the required size in your cart, then the goods are in our warehouse. At the moment, we are also working on the possibility of contacting the customer via e-mail after the goods have been stored via the application on our e-shop. However, for now, please check if the goods are in stock through our shopping cart.
Random products are products that are found in our warehouse and may differ in some trifles from products that can be purchased for the full amount. These are products where you can choose a children's, women's or men's size, or from which creator or brand you want the product, as long as it is in our warehouse.

We do not specifically produce random products and it is not possible to order them unless they are in stock.

However, they are nice pieces at a great price.
We care about your satisfaction, so every day we try to do our job the best that we can. However, despite our efforts, there may be a mistake. We are ready to correct this, so you can use the option of exchanging or returning the product.Send us the product back with the completed complaint form (complaint assistant) to the address for complaints. We will then register the complaint and send you the required size or refund the money.

You can find the complaint assistant at the link below. You can get into it based on the order code (8 uppercase letters) and your email address, which you provided when creating the order.

Print this form and put it in the package with the goods.

It is very important that you include a complaint assistant in the package, as it serves to correctly register your complaint or return of goods.
Send the goods to the following address of your choice of country:
GoMerch s.r.o.
Dukelská štvrť 1729
Dubnica nad Váhom, 018 41

Please do not carry the goods personally. You can send it by post or courier company.
For free shipping of the goods via Packeta use the return code 90015519. Dictate it to the employee of the Packeta office branch and the goods will be returned to our company automatically and free of charge.

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Yes, we send goods all over the world. We send goods abroad via post.
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